Happy Holidays from Todo Bien and the Todo Bien Surf family!

Winter is setting in, families are getting together, waves in the Pacific are getting bigger and Christmas lights are out. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

The Todo Bien family enjoys being involved with those who love the ocean. One of the highlights of our year is attending the annual South Jetty Swells body surfing contest and seeing some of the worlds best water athletes in a friendly competition vs each other and whatever the Pacific Ocean offers in December.

Equally exciting is the longboard skills that Todo Bien Surf Rider Raymond Sayles shows off in the local and international contests. Below are some words from Raymond;

“Holiday greetings from the Todo Bien family! Thank you for checking out our products we hope you enjoy them and find our mission empowering. Being an ambassador of this brand, the most important thing to me is that these products are all eco friendly and that our goal is genuine. It’s important that we continue branching out and spreading the Todo Bien name. I plan to do so by representing the brand through competing in surf contests and social media. We hope that you will join our mission and help us grow and achieve our goals”

As the big wave season has arrived Todo Bien Surf Rider Lucas Medeiros will be heading from Brazil, visiting the California surf family, and then to Hawaii for the season.
Below are some words for Lucas;

 “I'm Lucas Medeiros Brasileiro, local of the Avalanche wave in Espírito Santo Brazil. This wave is a dangerous wave but it is one of the most challenging waves I have ever surfed!  In 2017 it was my first time surfing her!  I met through my local bodyboarder friends who were already paddling this wave.

As time went by I started to become a professional on this wave, learning from my great friend Carlos Burle who surfs giant waves all over the world.

I started to practice Tow In with him and learning a lot, I started to have access to equipment that gave me security in this scary wave, in 2019 I met the Chris and Trisha Creighton and those family who supported me with all their heart, became part of my family, We met up in Ventura, California , Todo Bien Surf family.
Todo Bien sponsorship, and my certification, allowed me to receive a Patagonia safety vest to surf giant waves, today I use it in Avalanche and in different places in the world! This support has helped me to be among the best in the world of Stand Up Paddle and Big surf!

Below are some images that show this good wave!
Thank you Todo Bien Surf for all the support in the evolution of my professional life and equipment, and today I'm safe to surf giant waves and more waves at Avalanche.”

As Raymond mentioned Todo Bien Surf is transitioning into sustainable recycled products. We will have these products and new designs available very soon on our site and at Ventura Surf Shop.

We love what we do. Let us know your Todo Bien story, we’d love to use it in upcoming news letters.

See you at the beach,

Todo Bien Family