As a relatively new company looking to create a fresh and  positive brand,  with an emphasis on finding good and giving back, we were (as most) taken back with what to do as the Covid pandemic unfolded. 

Todo Bien? No. Yes.
Surf? Yes. No. 
Love? Of coarse.
Give? Yes.

Well, while we haven’t concluded this season, and new normals emerge every day, we here at Todo Bien are  ready to take some steps forward. 
So we are preparing to release some new Todo Bien Surf designs, new products, and together with you and all our friends and family, lead into the future with all the good we have, and move forward in all hope in the restoration to come.

We have been shipping products to France, Brazil, Africa, The Netherlands, Mexico, and the here in the USA. We are so proud to deliver Todo Bien to the world (which is getting smaller every day)

Todo Bien Surf is so proud to partner with the Everett family and Rancho Sordo Mundo in Baja . They have worked since 1969 to transform the lives of the deaf community in Mexico, and they are so very close to our hearts 

In our short time of operations here at Todo Bien Surf we have been honored to journey with longboard master Raymond Sayles,@raymondsayles  and SUP big wave rider Lucas Medeiros.@lucasmedeiros

Sayles has graduated high school w honors and moved to Santa Cruz to start his college years. We could not be prouder of him. He and his family were able to get a quick surfari to Baja, get in some great fun waves, some sunsets, and family time.

Lucas is back in Brazil after a fantastic winter season in Hawaii that was full of amazing waves. Lucas is practicing and refining his amazing tow in and step off surfing skills, and also practicing woodworking/table making w Um Rio Estudio

It is time to move forward in good to our neighbors, good to our planet, and hope in the future. We are happy to do this together 

Todo Bien!